Contortion Girl & Acts

Hannah Finn Contortion Girl is a high level contortionist and circus artist who has been performing for events all over the world for 14 years. Originally from Los Angeles, Hannah grew up performing at legendary venues such as the Greystone Mansion, and the Paramount Pictures Lot. Hannah’s formative training took place all over the globe, where she trained under some of the best coaches in the world, at places such as the prestigious Ecole Nationale De Cirque in Montreal for their summer program.

A few of the notable clients that Hannah has performed for are, Cirque Du Soleil’s Ivo Gueorguiev,  (for his contemporary circus show ‘Cirque Wings’), The Ellen Degeneres Show, Jon M. Chu (Step Up2, Step Up3D), The London Edition Hotel, The Aeronaut London, The Natural History Museum, Xbox and Paramount Pictures. She was also the face of Rayner Intraocular Lenses for their Ray One product and has performed in Denmark, Switzerland, the UK, and all over the United States.

Contortion Girl London

Hannah stands out with her distinctive contortion routines that have a graceful but unique movement style, and high level trick combinations that haven’t been seen before.  A few of the jaw dropping high level tricks Hannah performs are the ‘Triple Fold’, ‘Bridge Press to Contortion Handstand’ and ‘Crazy Legs’. Hannah is also one of the only UK contortionists that performs the ‘No Arm Triple Fold’, and ‘Needle Fall’.

Hannah is able to provide unique and high quality entertainment for many different types of shows, events and contracts. She has many different types of themed contortion acts that she can offer, or she can create one specifically tailored to an event. In addition to solo contortion, Hannah can also offer duo contortion, trapeze, aerial hoop, duo hoop and physical theatre/ character work.

  • Contortion: This is Hannah’s most popular act. Hannah’s contortion acts have wowed audiences all over the world, and showcase extreme flexibility, high level tricks, artistry and graceful movement. Hannah has many different contortion routines to offer or can create one from scratch to fit a specific event or show. Just a few of Hannah’s most popular routines are, her Sensual Contortion Routine (very popular with cabarets, and other events looking for a unique and seductive act to tease audiences and spice things up), Contemporary Contortion Routine (perfect for contemporary circus shows, corporate events, and events looking for a beautiful flowing piece to transport the audience), and Cheshire Cat Contortion Routine (perfect for themed events).
  • Duo Contortion: This act is comprised of two contortionists stacking and supporting each other while performing amazing feats, in seemingly impossible positions. This act leaves audiences in awe, as they watch the two contortionists bend and twist around each other so fluidly that it is difficult to tell where one contortionist starts and the other ends!
  • Contortion Trapeze: Watch as Hannah flies and flows through the air, using her contortion ability on the trapeze, to create an elegant, amazing and unique act that utilizes strength, flexibility and grace.
  • Duo Hoop: This act is comprised of two woman on an aerial hoop supporting each other in the air, as they perform incredible tricks. This act is available in a routine which oozes confidence or as a burlesque routine. In the burlesque variation of the act, prepare to be seduced, as these two performers explore the hoop (and each other), in this saucy act.
  • Physical Theatre/ Character Work: Hannah’s studies have allowed her to embody many different characters through her movement and mentality. Hannah is available for physical theatre productions, walkabout character work, and miscellaneous events.
  • Burlesque Contortion: This act is perfect for cabarets or for a saucy event. Watch Hannah gracefully move and contort as she delivers a theatrical and world class contortion performance while stripping off her gear.