About Hannah

14 years experience in the industry, a high level skill set, and a unique outlook

What makes Hannah Finn so special is her passion, professionalism, experience in the industry, high level skill set, unique performance style, capabilities and philosophy. Hannah stands out as a performer with her unique and fluid movement style, 14 years of experience in the industry, and high level, one of a kind tricks, such as the ‘No Arm Triple Fold’, and ‘Needle Fall’. Not only has Hannah worked for esteemed clients such as XBOX, Paramount Pictures and the Ellen Degeneres show, but she also has innovative and world class routines, which show off her distinctive trick combinations and movement style. Hannah’s routines feature innovative and jaw dropping skills as well as offer a new perspective on contortion, blending her passion, artistry and unique outlook, to create intriguing movement, themes, costume, and music.

As a contortion and flexibility coach, Hannah is known for helping students to gain a better understanding of the art of contortion and their bodies. She does this by helping students access the flexibility they didn’t know that they had, and then working to increase that flexibility utilizing correct contortion technique and alignment. Hannah works with all levels from beginner to professional contortionist.

As a director and producer, Hannah is known for the intense affect her pieces bring up in her audiences. Hannah’s work as a director is bold, beautiful and honest, not shying away from hard themes and emotions. Hannah seamlessly blends physical theatre, dance, circus and emotive studies to create beautiful performances that inspire passion in audiences and connect with them on a deep subconscious level. Hannah is the creator of Emotive Circus Arts, which is the first contemporary circus company in the world to use specific studies (such as Neuroscience, Affect Theory and Jungian Psychology), to influence and inspire audiences to feel deep subconscious emotions relating to their own lives. They are also the first to base each of their shows solely around different emotions.

Hannah graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Redlands, where she spent her time studying the intense and mystifying connection between the moving performer and audience member. Specifically, what makes the audience feel emotion, and how to deliver that through the body. With her studies to back up her passion to inspire emotion in others; Hannah is able to deliver these emotions to the audience in such a real way that it stirs intense affect in them. Hannah’s pieces explore a deep subconscious understanding between movement and emotion and how it connects with the audience. To achieve this she has specialized in such topics as Dance Therapy, Movement Theory, Jungian psychology, Affect Theory and much more, in the scope of performance.