Hannah Finn look! You’ve made my shoulders feel amazing!!

Anyone that knows me, knows I love to back bend (and try my hardest to flex in every other direction too!) ‘,.; I have seen so much progress with Hannah and her techniques are so effective, I always see such a difference, and I never feel like I’ve been hit by a bus the next day! I highly recommend Hannah, she is lovely and she tours the UK! Don’t miss a chance to have a class or a private with her, it really is worth every penny!

Had the most magical private lesson with Hannah Finn ©hannahfinn today…l grabbed both my ankles in my bridge & managed touch down in my chest stand (for the first time in what feels like a long time!!) not only this but her knowledge & unique techniques were amazing I learnt so much!!!! I will be hosting her at my studio Girls Love Fit Pole & Aerial if your interested in attending i can add you to my mailing list & keep you posted on the date/time etc!!!

Amazing contortion lesson with Hannah Finn this evening! This woman is a genius. I’ve also discovered that I have pretty good shoulder rotation, and

Had such a good back stretch at flex tonight. Hannah Finn is a genius, I’ve never been able to open my upper back so much. tr Such a good cobra!

AHHHHHHHHH!IIII YESSSS! Closed split became one of my 2016 contortion goals a few month ago and even though it needs some squaring I’m super happy to have been able to catch my ankle without bringing my foot up to meet my hand. Another amazing session!! Thank you

Had a good #Contortion class with 4hannahfinn today! She has helped me with my technique (something really important I have to work on) and with this lovely lift from #Bridge to #Handstand! Se also gave me some tips that I definitely will use in my workout! If you are interested at improving your contortion skills, you should meet her!

Many thanks to my fantastic teacher Hannah Finn , here’s a little routine she taught us in Tuesday’s class! Much room for improvement but glad to be progressing u

Thank you @hannahfinn !! Best needle scale-working progress! 25/08/16

Can’t say how much I loved tonight’s contortion class with the amazing @hannahfinn What an amazing session!! #Stretch #BackBends

Awesome workshop yesterday with the incredible @hannahfinn contortionist! Middle splits feel achievable, and I will be using all of the techniques you showed us to get my ass on my head

Feeling so bendy after 2 hours with @hannahfinn cup Absolutely l000000ved her workshop today. Definitely inspired me to look in to practicing contortion.

had a great class with Hannah on Saturday and already the difference is unbelievable. she has shown me how to access my upper back which before I never could. thank you so much.

Today was marvellous with a great atmosphere! Thank you Hannah for being an incredible teacher and to all involved in the organisation. Smashing fun xx

Went to a fantastic contortion workshop today with Hannah Finn at Pink Kitten Dance School managed to accomplish my first standing to bridge with a bit of help!
#stretchingout #backbend

Had my first contortion lesson with Hannah Finn on Thursday and cannot possibly recommend her enough!!! She’s so ridiculously knowledgeable and her instructions are so clear and detailed, I can’t believe the difference that just one class has made both to my technique and actual degree of bend too. Can’t wait for the rest of the course!!!

Loved the feel of this position ‘sushi roll’ had such a fab time at the contortion class taught by the amazing @hannahfinn #contortion #sushiroll #bendy #fun #contortiontraining

Didn’t get chance to post in here yesterday, but wanted to say thank you for an amazing session yesterday! I learnt so much and achieved new levels of bendiness I never thought possible. Hannah is an AMAZING teacher, thank you soo soo much xxx

You were amazing, I had such a great time and learned a lot

Thanks so much for coming to the studio 🙂 hope to see you again soon

I really enjoyed your workshop yesterday, it was my first workshop and I was amazed at how much I learnt and would love to attend another one

I’ve been going on about how awesome Hannah Finn is to anyone who will listen. If you want to safety improve your flexibility and learn about how your body bends then get to one of her workshops. She’s helped me so much by working around my back injury and even improving it. She’s amazing! Get her at your studio or go to a workshop with her!

Had so much fun stretching with @hannahfinn today! Feeling like a slinky #contortion #cheststand #backbend #polelife #floorwork #checkoutthemusclesthouqh