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Hannah Finn has been doing contortion and other circus arts for fourteen years.

She came into circus arts with a strong background in acting and theater and brought that into her circus discipline.

Hannah started out doing circus in Los Angeles at Le Studio (now Le Petit Cirque), at a young age . She has trained and performed all types of circus acts including duo trapeze, duo contortion, Aerial Hoop, duo acrobatics  and contortion on the trapeze, but her main specialty is contortion.

Shortly after she began doing circus, the world renowned ‘Steben twins’ ( Cirque du Soleil’s “O” and “Saltimbanco”), took a notice in her, and saw her passion, dedication and talent shine through. The Steben twins took Hannah on as their protégé and began to train her further in trapeze and contortion, becoming her mentors, and long time trainers.  Other coaches that have taught Hannah through the years include, Rachel Walker, Otgo Waller, Sarah and Jenny Haglund, Stephanie Abrams, Ganchimeg Oyunchimeg, Irina Bozyan, and Daniela Arendasova.

While training with the Steben twins, Hannah began performing for various shows, and corporate events all over the Los Angeles area, and expanded into other parts of the United States. As she became more esteemed, Hannah got selected to attend the extremely prestigious summer program at Ecole Nationale De Cirque, in Montreal.

After coming home from the program she continued performing and extended her presence internationally, teaching and performing all over the world. Hannah is known for her professionalism, experience in the industry, high level skill set, and unique movement style. Her acting background allows Hannah to fit her routines to the emotional needs of any event.

Hannah continued to perfect her art of contortion but at the same time, decided to combine her passion for circus with a University level education (something that no one in the United States had ever done to this extent, at the time). She graduated from the University of Redlands in December of 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in: Creating and Producing Emotive Works of Contemporary Circus and Theater. By being a part of the Johnston program at the University of Redlands, Hannah was able to create an interdisciplinary education pulling from different fields of study to explore the multi faceted world of building a show from the ground up, and everything that entails. The main components of her degree included learning the business side of creating her own contemporary circus company, the theory and psychological side of evoking emotion in audiences through movement and translating emotion through the body by using circus arts and other expressive movement, the behind the scenes theatrical side of directing, stage managing, lighting design and producing, and continuing to improve her skill level in circus arts. Hannah was also able to alter her courses to infuse circus into her studies. All of this makes Hannah a key asset for circus companies by knowing not only how to direct,stage manage, and light for theater but also how to do it for the circus world, and what that demands. In both her behind the scenes, and performing endeavors Hannah stands out with her unique outlook on circus arts, unique movement style, and capabilities as a highly skilled contortionist, director, and creator.