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Contortion Girl

Hannah Finn


Contortion and Flexibility Coach

Hannah has taught contortion all over the world including England, Wales, The United States and more. She has a strong knowledge of the anatomical body and how contortion can be used correctly to strengthen and make the body more flexible. Throughout her career she has been taught by several different amazing coaches and she includes their knowledge into her teachings. Some of her past coaches are Karyne and Sarah Steben (Cirque Du Soleil), Isabelle Chausse (Cirque Du Soleil), Jenny and Sara Haglund (The Box, Ecole Nationale De Cirque), Rachel Walker (Cirque Du Soleil). Having such innovative coaches, and great opportunities from around the world has allowed Hannah to learn the proper ways to train and teach contortion and to pass on that knowledge onto others.

One of the special things about Hannah is that she takes the time to break down and explain stretches and tricks and how it effects different parts of the body. She helps her students become aware of their bodies and emphasizes the importance of lengthening the spine. Hannah works with stretching techniques learned from contortion training, deep tissue massage, Neuroscience, her past coaches, and her experiences as a contortionist and contortion coach of 12 years. 

In Hannah's contortion and flexibility lessons you will gain a multitude of things including: 

  • The proper way to stretch without causing long term injuries
  • Knowledge of proper contortion technique and training gained from world-renowned circus coaches
  • Learning contortion skills that people can incorporate into contortion acts or acts on their specialty apparatus'
  • Increase students flexibility and work with them through the transition into contortion training and correct flexibility training,
  • Individualized attention to teach students what flexibility and contortion exercises are best for them depending on their body.
  • Specific warm-ups, utilising both passsive and active flexibility
  • Key tips and tricks to enhance your flexibility training

Hannah is available to teach 1:1 private lessons, group classes, and Skype lessons.

Want Hannah to come teach a workshop at your studio? Email her at